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Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial office cleaning services by Superior Cleaning Services provides its clients with a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Superior Cleaning achieves this goal by gathering a full understanding of our commercial client needs, formulating a plan, and executing it on time, every time. 
We offer a commercial cleaning service program that will exceed your company’s expectations.Our people are hardworking, professional, well trained and dependable. We carefully recruit our employees for reliability, trustworthiness and attention to detail.Let us take care of the work, so you can concentrate on what is important to you, your business. Attracting and keeping clients is the core of your business; providing a clean and comfortable office environment is ours through our quality janitorial and contract cleaning services.
We will customize an office cleaning program specifically suited to your needs, whether you need a deep cleaning, standard cleaning service on a daily, weekly or a partial cleaning service.
Superior Cleaning Services has the expertise and resources to complete the job right the first time and maintain it to your expectations. The quality of work is reinforced through cleaning service inspections and detailed record keeping. 
Green Cleaning option is available 
Complete Floor Maintenance: stripping and waxing grout cleaning 
Carpet Cleaning: We use different methods Steam cleaning, Encapsulation method, Bonnet cleaning Eco-friendly cleaning option available
We will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it's overnight cleaning or cleaning during the day. Daily, weekly, monthly, onetime, quarterly cleaning, and as needed deep cleaning schedules are available.
We will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it's overnight cleaning or cleaning during the day.
Daily, weekly, monthly, onetime, quarterly cleaning, as needed. Deep cleaning schedules are available.
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Keeping an office environment clean helps keep workers healthy and productive. We will customize the cleaning to your needs Since each business is different, whether you have conference rooms for client use, large windows, or employee cubicles.

There are thousands of germs that live at schools and daycares. Making sure the facility is kept clean and sanitized will keep the kids and staff healthier and safer.
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First impressions are extremely important in a retail store. Superior Commercial Cleaning will make sure the space is clean and presentable so your customers clearly see the quality of your brand.



A clean restaurant is essential to its success. From the dining room to the restrooms, Superior Commercial Cleaning will keep the space looking and smelling clean. Including Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning. We can also deep clean the kitchen area.  
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Clean windows, clean floors, and dust free surfaces in lobbies and entrance ways make professional buildings look the part.



Services includes Sterilization, Disinfection using hospital grade disinfectants including steam cleaning. Olivia’s Cleaning staff will follow the regulations established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for mitigating exposure to blood borne pathogens.
Our commercial cleaning services
include but are not limited to:
Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
Sweeping and mopping of floors
Trash removal
Daily vacuuming and carpet care 
Hard floor surface maintenance and cleaning
General dusting
Window cleaning
Office system cleaning
Cleaning of entrances and lobbies
Restrooms cleaning and disinfecting
Stairway and elevator cleaning
Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards and millwork
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